Publicity in Personal Life


Do you ever watch TV programme such as ‘ mata-mata ‘ on RCTI where you can see someone spying his / her friend activity?

Do you ever watch TV programme such as ‘ playboy kabel ‘ on SCTV where you can see a girl who want to know if her  boyfriend is really faithfull to her?

Do you ever watch TV programme such as ‘ penghuni terakhir ‘ on AnTeve where you can see a bunch of people from many different area live together in the same house, try to survive in the house, and the last survivor will be the owner of the house?

Those are some examples of our TV programme. The Media Industry tougth ‘what else’ they can sell to people ?. They see the opportunity to sell someone’s personal life as an entertainment to people.

Now, personal life is not privat anymore. personal life is not something that you can keep by your self and by your close relatives such as your family or your best friend. Now, personal life is public. Everyone who watch those TV programme can see someone’s personal life.

There are some psychological effect for someone who participate in the TV programme and for someone who watch those TV programme. The psychological effect for someone who partcipate in the TV programme will be felt during the participation and after the publishment of those TV programme.

During the participation, someone feel worry, anxious, and tired because he / she must accomplish his / hes goal.

After the publishment, someone will feel unsecure and embarass because everybody knows about his / her personal life. There will be negative opinion from his / her surroundings.

The psychological effect for someone who watch those TV programme is see bad attitude like anger and yelling from one person to the other person.



1 Response to “Publicity in Personal Life”

  1. 1 nevinerafa
    November 3, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    it can says that in this time, having privacy in our life is not that easy.

    but, in fact, those program who published their personal life, already contaminated.
    there’re more falsity than the fact.
    all the things in there, was planed before.
    it used to be a reality, but different for now.
    its much more tend to commercial.

    i think, the psychological effect to whom that watch those program more curious than to whom that join tose program.
    in obliquely, those program approving about public deception, because most of them who watch those program, already known about the fact of program, wich is full of scenario, and still watch it.

    they enjoy it, means they enjoy the public deception also.

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