Virtual Proposal

In this era, the term social media is no longer strange to our everyday life. We often use Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, and even this WordPress platform to share our activities, knowledge, jokes, etc. The question now is, how far will we take our virtual social media inside our ‘real’ life?

Recently, as I came across one very interesting tweet on Twitter, I know social media has really affect the life of some people. It was about a guy who actually propose to his girlfriend via Twitter.


All my life I’ve been told and believed that a marriage proposal is something very important for people who are about to get married. Important, special, and distinguished from our everyday routine. Unlike Twitter, which most people can access rather easily and that it has already really sunk into our daily routine, it’s no longer special. To find that someone would do something important via a social media is pretty confusing.

It’s down to two things, maybe that man takes marriage proposal lightly or he takes a social media very seriously. If he’s the man who takes marriage proposal lightly, then there has been some value degradation of certain moments in our real life. Did we spend too much time on virtual world, that sometimes we forget our real world? That once we experienced something it is no longer special because we already heard all about it on the internet? And if he’s the man who takes a social media seriously, then will our real life merge with the virtual life and eventually we will all live in our virtual world? That one day, without having to actually be in the same room with each other, two people can get married, virtually? Some aspects in our real life, like work, is already adapting to that possibility. I actually have had a job which I’ve gotten from a social media and done it without even seeing the ‘boss’. How far will this merging affect our life?

PS: Luckily, the man’s girlfriend did not get mad being proposed to via Twitter and she actually accept the proposal.


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